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What Is A Dark Post On Facebook?

Written by Kyler Patterson

Friday, August 15th, 2014



The featured image on this article is not a post that you will find anywhere on the HostGator Facebook Page.  But yet many people have seen it. How? The answer: Dark Posts.


Dark Post – What Is It?

According to the definition from Google, a dark post is the following:

An unpublished post is a status update, link share, video or photo that was never meant to be shared as an organic post. Staying true to its name, it’s never published but is only surfaced as an ad.

Basically, it’s a Facebook post that you control exactly who sees it through ads. If you have seen the main image on this page on Facebook, then that means you have seen one of our dark posts targeting you.


Why Dark Post?

The purpose of these posts are to create a message for a specific goal without cluttering up the newsfeed for those who would see it as irrelevant. For example, if you’re trying to sell your services and all of your followers already use your services, then it wouldn’t make sense for them to see an ad on their newsfeed for your services. However, you still want to post a message for selling your services to drive sales. This is where dark posts come into play. You can create a dark post with a message to sell your services and use that to advertise to your target market.


How To Create A Dark Post On Facebook

Facebook has a video on creating dark posts and you can find it here. Unfortunately, this video is very outdated. The power editor no longer looks like it did in the video. This walkthrough will show you how to create a dark post so that you can put Facebook to work for your business. Please note, we will be using Google Chrome because the power editor doesn’t work in other browsers.


1. Visit the Facebook Power Editor.



2. Click “Download to Power Editor” and choose the choose the advertising account you wish to download. For many of you, there will only be one option. For those who manage accounts for multiple clients, make sure you select the correct account. You don’t want one client paying for the ads of another.


3. Select the + sign under Campaigns.



4. Determine the Campaign Name, Buying Type (I always choose auction), and the Objective. The Objective is what you’re trying to achieve with your ad (Generate leads, get website traffic, increase page likes, etc)



5. Now that you’ve created your Campaign, click the Ads tab facebook-ads


6. Click the + sign again to create an ad


7. Select the campaign you just created, create an ad set, and then name your ad. (You can also create your campaign from this point if you’d like)


8. In the Creative tab, you can choose the Facebook Page that you wish to use for the ad and the post.


9. Once you’ve selected the page, under Page Post, click the + at the right.



10. From here you can choose the Post Type: Link, Photo, Video, Status, Offer. For this example, we’ll create a Link. I’ve set one up just for this article.

unpublished-page-post-facebook hostgator-facebook-ad


11. Be sure to choose the option “This post will only be used as an ad”. It should already be selected but make sure it’s there.


12. Review your post.



Now that you’ve created your post, you can begin to use it for your ads. This article does not cover how to create ads and how to target customers but the opportunities are virtually endless. To get started, check out this article on basic Facebook ads. Be sure to come back to the blog as we will add more articles about more advanced Facebook methods such as targeting and optimization.


Hopefully we have shed light on what a dark post is and you have found this information valuable. If you have any other questions about Facebook, please let us know in the comments. We will be more than happy to write about what you want to know.


Written by Sean Valant

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

SiteLock is a website security monitoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses, providing a number of benefits and services.  Some of the key benefits are blacklist monitoring, malware detection, vulnerability identification, and virus scanning.  Additional services include domain ownership verification and SSL certificate validation.

SiteLock monitors your websites daily for malicious activity and then alerts you to any potential threats.  SiteLock’s 360-degree scanning uses lightweight technology to search for vulnerabilities in your code, as well as any outdated applications, without slowing down your site’s performance.  These scans include searching for defacement, database vulnerabilities, application vulnerabilities, and drive-by downloads.

If a threat is detected instant email and dashboard alerts let you take action before being blacklisted by search engines, which can destroy a site’s reputation and credibility.

On-demand expert technicians are also available to clean and secure your site in the event that it becomes compromised, should you lack the expertise to rectify the situation yourself.  Additionally, simply displaying the SiteLock security seal on your site will let your Customers know that your site is safe, and that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect them. Third-party security validation has been proven to increase sales and site conversions; SiteLock’s security shield has been shown to increase conversion by 15% in A/B tests.

For more information on SiteLock, please take a moment to view the following brief video:

For information on how to order SiteLock, please visit this page from our KnowledgeBase.

Written by Sean Valant

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 loves to print.  Providing so much more than just the typical print services, has taken their chosen craft and elevated it into a proper art form.  Sounds grandiose, but it’s true.  They print everything you’d expect them to: business cards, post cards, stickers, labels, et al.  Where the art form comes in is the way in which they’ve taken this basic foundation and evolved it in such a creative way.

One of the most ingenious cards that Moo prints are NFC (Near Field Communication) business cards.  NFC is a protocol by which a wireless conversation is conducted between two pieces of closely-held electronics.  This is facilitated by a small chip being implanted within the card.  Many debit cards already use this technology to authorize payment by simply holding the card near a receiver rather than actually swiping it through a traditional card reader.

The idea is that when you hold an NFC business card up to a compatible smartphone, it then causes the smartphone to do something.  The possibilities are virtually endless.  Perhaps you’d want the phone to simply visit your website, or maybe download your portfolio or load your FaceBook page.  You might have it download music or even just add your contact information into the internal address book.  The chips can be rewritten over and over again, even after you’ve handed them out!

NFC cards are unquestionably cool, but can also meet all of your more basic printing needs.  From basic business cards up to their Luxe and Gloss business cards, as well as FaceBook cards and Mini cards. was kind enough to offer 50 free business cards to you, the readers of this blog!  Visit this link in order to claim your free business cards, all you pay for is shipping!  While you’re there, ordering your free business cards, spend some time on their website exploring the vast array of products offered.  Tell them Snappy sent you!


Written by Sean Valant

Monday, November 26th, 2012

You’ve created an excellent video that introduces your product or service to the masses. That’s a big step and having a quality video can certainly assist is the success of your business. Likely the video is on YouTube and perhaps even getting a respectable number of hits. Is your video so incredibly unique or entertaining that it could even go viral? It’s great to be exposed to a larger audience, but there’s never any guarantee that exposure will equal conversions.  At the end of the day, a video is still just a video.

Rather than rolling the dice on the hopes of increasing your audience virally, another strategy would be to instead maximize the conversions you receive from your existing, organically-grown audience.  This is one of the ways in which Viewbix can help you.

Viewbix allows you to embed interactive apps directly into videos.  These videos can then be shared across websites, social networks and mobile devices, greatly increasing your ability to convert your viewers into customers.  You can embed virtually anything you can imagine into your videos: special coupons or a map to your physical store or office, even functionality like the ability to sign up for your mailing list.  Viewbix’s unique ability to embed these apps and additional content is not only very cool, but it also allows you to anticipate your potential customers’ needs relative to the information presented in your video and address them immediately which will result in a much lower percentage of abandonment.

Let’s say your company rents villas at a vacation destination.  You have a video showing the beautiful locale and the lush villas that are available for rent.  I am a potential customer watching your video and I think to myself that it looks like somewhere I’d like to visit.  I wonder what the weather will be like at this destination next week; no one likes a rainy vacation. So I browse over to my preferred weather website, and maybe I eventually make it back to your website or maybe I don’t, but the the pertinent fact here is that I’ve now left your website.  Once a potential customer browses away from your site, all bets are off.  If your video had the embedded ability to check the weather and book a villa right then and there within the video player itself, the chances of me taking that action rather than browsing to a different site and going off on my merry way would be greatly increased.

Viewbix allows for not only greater engagement, but also for literal calls-to-action that your viewers or potential customers can take immediately.  With all of that in mind, if your video does happen to go viral on top of your Viewbix efforts, the results can be staggering.

You can experience Viewbix yourself by heading over to and watching the video on their front page which shows you exactly what Viewbix can do for your business.  While you’re there, click to get started with Viewbix today for free!

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