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200,000 Web Hosting Clients and Climbing Old Site Design

Original Web Site for HostGator

Original Web Site for HostGator

Original HostGator Web Design from 2002.

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  • MasterExploder

    WOW! What an improvement! My dream is to start my own hosting company. (I’m only 14).

  • Nzf

    After 8 years of giving, and development

    I wish you success

    I am one of your customers and very, very pleased with you

  • @smooth2216

    I’m working on my new web hosting business. I would like to say that you are my idol as far as starting your own business and all. WOW!! 8 Years of building and acomplishing. More power to you and Even more love to your desire and drive for SUCCESS!!

  • Tony

    So, Is design gator still operational?

  • Joseph

    I am a proud customer of Hostgator , Believe it or not I Just turned 15, and I started my own hosting business ( Resell Hostgator ) and business has been slow , I wish I could speak with Hostgators CEO for motivation, I look up to him to , Im in highschool , and While i do website hosting I also do other things with the business.. I look up to you dude !

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